The weather has changed. 
I´ve got up early today and the snow has covered the whole city.
The schools, public transport, museums are closed, so I can´t continue with my CLIL course and General English classrooms. 

Tomorrow we´ll be in red status because the ongoing storm Emma, so the authorities have urged the public to stay indoors from 4pm tomorrow until noon on Friday. 

These is Phoenix Park this afternoon. 

People are playing in the snow, making snowmen, throwing balls, improvising sleds. It's fun.

Today is sunny and windy, so It´s perfect for visiting Phoenix Park. 

It´s the largest park in Europe with 700 hectares.
It´s well known because you can see deers eating and fighting with their antlers. 


These are The Cliffs of Mahuer. They are the highest views I´ve ever seen with 214 meters. 

You can walk along the cliffs  on a narrow and muddy path. It was really very beautiful, but a little dangerous because I didn´t wear suitable shoes and I slipped on the wet rock three or more times. 

 You can look out and see these amazing views¡¡¡¡¡


I´ve just dealt with the internet connection problem. 

These are my partners classroom. They are from Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Croatia,....

We are learning some different kinds of activities to apply de CLIL. 

Let me show you around some interesting Dublin´s landmarks¡¡¡

Library´s Trinity College, it´s like living a Harry Potter Film. 

The Oscar Wilde´s sculpture and his house. 

Oscar Wilde, the most important irish writter married and had got two child, but he falled in love with a young man, so he was prosecuted and jailed for five years in the Reading Jail from 48 km the west of London. After that, he lived and died in Paris, broken, alcoholized and alone.

18th February Morning

Today is the day. I start my trip to Dublin!!!!
I'm a little nervous, but it will be a great experience. I hope so. 
My flight arrives at Dublin airport at 16.40 pm. 
I will tell you what happens today at the end of the day. 

18th February Evening

I´m in Dublin. The plane arrived in time and all has been well since I started to find the apartment. It is in a narrow street without a number, so the taxidriver couldn´t find it. But he was very kind. He said me: "I don´t let you in the middle of nowhere". He phoned several times to my contact, Paula. Finally, he found it. 
Tomorrow more.  


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